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2009-09-15 09:55:17 by meanpakihamean

Yo whats up? ViRUS is back on Newgrounds, with about two weeks worth of tracks. I've already used up today's 2, so I'll be waiting for tomorrow.
I've been away cause my laptop (which has all of my shit on it) had a curcial part of the charging component ripped out, but no worries, it's fixed now.
I've recently been thinking about getting a band together, I know a few drummers, and a am dj, but i want a Hip-Hop/Rock Kinda band. If you know anyone in Hamilton (New Zealand) with a musical talent pm me please!
anyway, it's about 1:45AM here so i'ma go for a bit of shut-eye.
EDIT: Where The Hell Is there a Smiley which shows I'm So Hood? REMIX!

Brannan 'The Virus Slayer' New



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2010-06-21 08:38:01

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