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2009-08-01 23:30:09 by meanpakihamean

YAY! It's been 8 years and today i finally beat spyro 3! after forgetting about it for half of the time, i finally beat it! In other non-related news Your Momma Has a Penis might be on my ng page soon, as I'm doing more covers (but hopefully better than my last!). songs include; Michael Jackson's Black or White, Hey Boys and Girls by Evermore (support NZ music), Linkin Park's Breaking The Habbit, Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band and Mike Shinoda's remix of Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence.
Got Anything else you'd like to hear covered? Just PM or Comment!
Jokes 'bout the welsh song! I tried the vocals and it f*cked up!


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