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2009-07-24 08:06:44 by meanpakihamean

god im bored. I've been searching my iTunes Library for things that I feel like listening to right now, and I really want to hear a Depeche Mode or N.W.A. sounding song. I've had a look through the audio portal and nothings really caught my intention, so I'm setting a challenge; either create or send me a link via COMMENT NOT PM and i'll rate and once i've found a few I'll like I'll iDownload them, iSynchronize to my iiPod, and iRate them on iGrounds. Shit. Look what apple has done to me! BASTARDS!

here are the key points and some tips;
1) either it has to sound like a Depeche Mode or N***as With Attitude Song
2) covers are fine
3) adding your own signature style while sticking to the criteria is welcomed.
\/most important\/
4) put the link in a comment dont PM me with it otherwise i will ignore it!

good luck!


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