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Never Again...

2011-06-18 17:18:42 by meanpakihamean

It's been over a year or so since I posted on the Audio Portal, and fuck it, I'm not doing it again.
Making a submission like the one I just posted is THE WORST THING TO DO WHEN YOU'RE BORED AT 11PM!
I thought I was gonna get an early night, I though changing a guitar tab into a virtual keyboard piece would be easy.
Fuck no.
Please, enjoy what I posted, or else I will shoot myself. Kinda. Maybe.
Okay not really but still.

Sup NG. TVS Here. I've been negelticing the site as I'm quite busy in life. I'm still in the midst of writing that song I mentioned ages ago, and its coming along preeetty shit. I a few months I'm hoping to record a couple of tracks, but i dunno about posting them.
So tell me NG, how many of you are /b/rothers?

Second (or Third) Comeing

2009-11-12 23:37:16 by meanpakihamean

Once again, I have failed misserableby at the audio portal. So I have decided, not to brag about how many songs im going to make, however I am planning on making a new song (However it is still in the writing/desicion-to-scrap phase).


2009-09-15 09:55:17 by meanpakihamean

Yo whats up? ViRUS is back on Newgrounds, with about two weeks worth of tracks. I've already used up today's 2, so I'll be waiting for tomorrow.
I've been away cause my laptop (which has all of my shit on it) had a curcial part of the charging component ripped out, but no worries, it's fixed now.
I've recently been thinking about getting a band together, I know a few drummers, and a am dj, but i want a Hip-Hop/Rock Kinda band. If you know anyone in Hamilton (New Zealand) with a musical talent pm me please!
anyway, it's about 1:45AM here so i'ma go for a bit of shut-eye.
EDIT: Where The Hell Is there a Smiley which shows I'm So Hood? REMIX!

Brannan 'The Virus Slayer' New


That's Right, another song is being developed! With some better equipment, more mildly weird inspiration and the help of my friends (I hope...) I will be recording my first hip hop track. I am still working on my other songs I set out to do a few weeks ago, I've just been very busy recently.
Catch Up Y'all


2009-08-01 23:30:09 by meanpakihamean

YAY! It's been 8 years and today i finally beat spyro 3! after forgetting about it for half of the time, i finally beat it! In other non-related news Your Momma Has a Penis might be on my ng page soon, as I'm doing more covers (but hopefully better than my last!). songs include; Michael Jackson's Black or White, Hey Boys and Girls by Evermore (support NZ music), Linkin Park's Breaking The Habbit, Get Down Tonight by KC and The Sunshine Band and Mike Shinoda's remix of Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence.
Got Anything else you'd like to hear covered? Just PM or Comment!
Jokes 'bout the welsh song! I tried the vocals and it f*cked up!

god im bored. I've been searching my iTunes Library for things that I feel like listening to right now, and I really want to hear a Depeche Mode or N.W.A. sounding song. I've had a look through the audio portal and nothings really caught my intention, so I'm setting a challenge; either create or send me a link via COMMENT NOT PM and i'll rate and once i've found a few I'll like I'll iDownload them, iSynchronize to my iiPod, and iRate them on iGrounds. Shit. Look what apple has done to me! BASTARDS!

here are the key points and some tips;
1) either it has to sound like a Depeche Mode or N***as With Attitude Song
2) covers are fine
3) adding your own signature style while sticking to the criteria is welcomed.
\/most important\/
4) put the link in a comment dont PM me with it otherwise i will ignore it!

good luck!